Tsjuster Imperial Black IPA - Berghoeve Brwery - special brewed for my 10.000th label tasted beers !

25 september 2013
The 10.000th beerlabel in my collection tasted beers: Tsjuster Imperial Black IPA.

In the september update of my website I passed the 10.000 beerlabels in my collection. Reaching this huge amount of tasted beers was the reason, as I did with the 5000th label, to bring out my own label. This time even better than number 5000 in 2004 because it had to be a new and unique beer. I made an agreement with Jurgen Bootsveld from the Berghoeve Brouwerij in Den Ham to make this special beer. Tjuster means 'Dark' in Frisian and dark the beer is. Tsjuster became a malty, high alcohlic (10%) and even more hoppy beer. The basic idea to make Tsjuster was because one of the other beers from Berghoeve is in my opinion one of the best beers I tasted in 2012. This 'Donkerbruin Vermoeden' has an outstanding balance but in my opinion it could use a bit more of everything to be my ultimate beer. Of course you can argue on taste, but special it is, the Tsjuster ! I am very pleased with the result and Jurgen made the promise the brew the Tsjuster for his own in the near futere. Then the beer will get a Berghoeve name and label of course.

In the meantime, you have to be one of the 100 people I gave a bottle Tsjuster if you wanted to taste the beer. Ther were only 120 bottles available. Because of the fact that some friend did share a bottle Tsjuster also can be found on Ratebeer .

I want to thank everyone who made a contribution to my collection. I hope I am complete in this list of famely and friends who helped me out to inccrease the amount of tasted beers year by year.
My special thanks go out to Jurgen en Geralda Bootsveld from the Berghoeve Brouwerij for making this special brew and Bob van Dijk from b71.nl - for making the great beerlabel.

  • Ivonne Pinkster
  • Evelien Pinkster
  • Maaike Pinkster
  • Henk† en Rie Pinkster
  • Janny en Wim Arends
  • Robert & Rebecca MacDonald
  • Jacques Don
  • Rias Nuninga & Frouwke Dijkhuizen
  • Luuk Houkes & Naomi Rumaloine
  • Geert & Harma Roggen
  • Afina & Jan Willem Knol
  • Jaap & Willem Lindeman
  • Peter Tent
  • Harry vd Berg
  • Raymond Huwae
  • Paula Brookman-Klooster
  • Jeannet Bakema
  • Gerke Bos
  • Sybo Glas
  • Mark Uri
  • Alex Oonk
  • Jos Korhorn
  • Arjen Komdeur
  • Martie van Essen
  • Tieme van Veen
  • Jan Willem Wolff
  • Felix Groenewoud
  • Ot Louw
  • Arie Vurens
  • Ab vd Meeren
  • Aad vd Hoeven
  • Siep Glastra
  • Johan Commandeur
  • Peter Hendrikx
  • Hans vd Wel
  • Dean Southall
  • Alice vd Kuijl
  • Jolanda Buhrs
  • Jaap vd Weide

The idea of making a beer like Tsjuster started about two years ago. The story behind it is that I blended two beers at the winterbeerfestival in Gouda in januari 2011. By mixing a IPA from brewery the molen with a very strong porter (dont know which brewery anymore) I got the idea for a Imperial Black IPA, a extreme hoppy, malty beer with a high amount of alcohol. I'm no brewer and needed some help to get the idea realy started. At the beerfestival in Groningen November 2012 I did get in contact with Jurgen en Geralda Bootsveld from Berghoeve. Jurgen allready had some great beers on the market and one of them could be the starting point for Tjsuster.

I recognized the passion in the eyes of the brewers just by talking about this unique beer. Therefore I contacted Jurgen again this year in januari. Allthough Jurgen had to invest (also in time) in expanding his brewery, Jurgen did find the time to start brewing Tsjuster in March. At the beerfestival in Groningen May this year Geralda did give me bottle to taste Tsjuster, hoping I was satisfied withe the result. I was completely stunished how Jurgen did succeed in making the beer I described half a year ago. It was super ! In the beginning of May, after I dit send the beerlabels that Bob vann Dijk did make ( b71.nl), the beer finaly was ready to be distributed. Most of the 120 beers found there way to famely, frieds and beer lovers all over the Netherlands.