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1000 Biere aus aller Welt - ISBN-nr: 3-625-10351-6

This book is published in 2003 by Naumann & Goebel from Koln. The book was written by Georg Lechner, has up to 360 pages and is bound in terms of size 23 * 30cm. More than 460 from beers were from my collection of beerlabels. In mid 2003, a German photo studio scanned all my 'non-German' labels. The editors made a selection for each country publiced in the book.
The book begins with some 40 pages of background information on beer, brewing, beer types, etc., followed by over 200 pages of almost all the German breweries. The remaining pages are about the rest of the world from different countries and selected by still existing, but also of beers that disappeared. From the Netherlands there are moslty beers from small breweries in the book. On the last page is a link to my homepage. The book costs 14.95.