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Dutch breweries to start

The amount of new breweries and contract breweries in the Netherlands is still increasing.
At this list some new to start breweries i know.
The date is an indication of the start of the brewery. Off course this list isn't complete, i'll try to keep up.

A list of of active dutch breweries can be found here

AlmereAandacht dewww.brouwerijdeaandacht.nlnot known
Den BoschRep & Roer not known
Den HaagSinnerman Craft Beerwww.sinnermancraftbeer.nlnot known
EnschedeMoaneschienwww.moaneschien.nlnot known
LeiderdorpCaledonia Brewing not known
OldenzaalDe Bombazijnwww.debombazijn.nlnot known
RuinenJutndel not known