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Foreign Beerlinks (non-dutch)

This site contains my favorite beerlinks.
In the top menu you can choose between the dutch and international beersites
If you'de like to be listed here please send me an email by using the email option in the menu at the left.


  • Belgian Beer Routes
    Interactive website with belgian breweries, beershops, festivals,and more. You have to try it before you leave to Belgium.

  • Realbeer.com
    The American beerside including an E-mail magazine.

  • Bier.de
    Great site with beers and breweries from Germany.

  • Beerparadise
    The road to English beer.

  • Beercollections.com
    This site represents 11 small U.S. Calefornia and Oregon breweries, with bottles, labels, coasters and other info.

  • Ciuitre Beerpages
    Breweries of the World (5.331 with 814 links*), Club, Collector's Page, International Meetings, Links, Labels and Coasters GIF.

  • The Trappist Beer Site
    Page for those who love trappist beers. The page is in English.

  • Beercollectors.net
    Beercollectors of the World: Unite.

  • Brauereiführer Österreich
    The bigist listing of breweries and beers from Austria.